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How to Successfully Analyze Your Backlinks

The link clean up is one of the worst tasks in search engine optimization. Removing links becomes a herculean task due to poor link building practices and cases where someone in most cases builds a bad link to the site. The good thing is that, when you ascertain which of the two scenarios have occurred, it will be easy for you to initiate the process of dealing with it. In essence, if you have prior knowledge that either of the two has occurred, it will help a lot when you are dealing with the backlinks.

There is a belief that Google does not penalize when it comes to penguin 4. It just devalues those it does not like. Then someone wonders why they actually need a disavow file. Responding to queries on social media, Gary IIyels from Google says that with penguin there is less need. He also says that manual actions are still there and if they notice any form of systematic spamming, they may take a harsh measure against the site. In a nutshell, it is worth noting that manual actions are still in existence and unnatural links penalty may hit you without any warning. Secondly, there exists algorithms and other algorithmic functions outside penguin. Penguin always devalues spams instead of demoting the site altogether.

John Mueller, in a bid to shed some light, says that the largest majority of the websites do not really need to do anything with disavow because it is kind of a separate independent tool. If you are really updated on matters to do with your website, then you do not have a cause for alarm. If you know you have any link issue, you should not do a disavow because your data is going to be pulled down on backlinks and manually reviewed with only one exception. If you have made payment for a spammy link builder and the same builder generates a list as to the location of those links, in such a scenario, investigations are not really necessary; disavow them. The second scenario is a negative search engine optimization. The third scenario is a past spam. The worst thing that can happen is when you are faced with bad links, yet it is totally unknown to you

There are some manual actions, Algorithmic slap or preventive measures. Manual action entails removing everything, even what seems to be good. In Algorithmic slap, there is no link for link removal. In this situation, the disavow will do. When it comes to preventive, you look for the bad links. When you are preparing your links, you are supposed to collect your data, process your links, review your links in depth, request the links to be removed, create your disavow file and submit your disavow file. That is how you analyze your backlinks without any difficulty. This ensures you remain accurate during the creation and submission of disavow file. The process can be utterly slow, but the thing is, the cost of a week’s worth of work cannot be compared to the cost of getting or keeping a penalty.

It is worth noting that you may be lucky enough such that you do not even need to create a disavow file, and if you are lucky to get negative SEO attack early, you will not have a rough time sorting it out.

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